T O T A L   H H O
             TOTAL HHO
             Now Available For
            All Makes & Models of
              Heavy Duty Vehicles,  Cars  or  Pickups
                           Some of the Benefits you will see with either of our Hybrid Kits are
                          that your vehicle will produce 40 -60% less emissions. By utilizing
                       hydrogen as a fuel additive, the efficiency in the average engine
                                 combustion chamber will increase from 62% up to an astounding 90%
        or better. With more thorough burning of the fuel, the less emissions going out the
tail pipe. In addition to the emissions benefit, by the increase in combustion
              efficiency, brings the increase in horse power. So even an older vehicle can get a burst
       of new life. You will instantly notice a difference in the smoother operation of your
              engine and the increase in get up and go. Another benefit you will get, is that with the
better and more thorough burning of the fuel, not only will it NOT leave any
     deposits in the engine, it will actually clean out the deposits left over from gas &
      diesel of years past. The worst thing that can harm your engine the most is HEAT.
There is nothing more deadly to your engine than heat, and with the
Total HHO WaterJet Hybrid System, your engine will not only run cooler,
   last longer, create less emissions, increase the Horse Power, Clean your engine,
and the most immediate change you will notice is...the increase in MPG.
It does not matter what type of machine you have, Big Rig, Car, Pickup,
Tractor, Bus, Motor Home or Boat....or even a generator..
The Total HHO Hybrid System will work for you.

We Specialize in High Output HHO SYSTEMS
Our Systems are not found anywhere but here
Every part in our system is 100%
Heavy Duty & Professional Grade.
Whether you choose the 12 Volt system or
Step up to the Ultimate 48 Volt system
Our conversion kit will save you fuel...

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Our 100%  satisfaction Guarantee
We Guarantee that no matter what you drive, you will achieve a
minimum of a  50%*  increase in fuel economy.
Or we will refund your purchase 100%
* when used in conjunction with an Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer
Made In USA
Big Trucks
Personal Vehicles
Our Hybrid System
Will Work For You
Up to double your current MPG
in your vehicle
As much as 50% MPG gains or more
in the Big Rigs
Increase fuel Economy  * Increase Horse Power *  Increase Ignition Efficiency       
Cleans Carbon Deposits from Engine * Decreases Harmful CO Emissions * Engine Runs Smoother
Engine Runs Cooler * Gives New Life to Older/Worn Engines * Engine Will Last Longer
                                        Total HHO offers two completely different systems.
    The first is a 12 Volt High Out-put system. This system consists of a control box that is mounted in
    the driver's area of the vehicle. It also has  a control module that can be mounter anywhere, yet
    preferably near or in the engine compartment. It also has the HHO Reactor, which is the fuel cell that
    produces the hydrogen gas and our exclusive water blocking bubble/water reservoir. This system
    utilizes the 12 volt power supplied by your vehicles battery. Through a totally isolated electrical system,
    it supplies high amperage to the HHO Reactor that will produce a high output of HHO gas. It offers  
    an optional "factory replacement alternator" that is high amp, in case the one you may have is not.
         This alternator simply replaces your current one and bolts on exactly in the same spot as the
        current one.

    The second system is a 48 volt,  High Voltage, High Out-put system. This system contains the
    same control box, control module, the HHO Reactor and water blocking bubbler. Yet in addition, it also
    has a 48 volt, high amp special DC generator with pulse modulation built in. This special Generator is
    patented and the system as a whole has the application pending. This system, is the original and only
    system available with smart gas technology. That is, it varies in HHO production according to the
    pressure one applies to the accelerator pedal.  Both systems offer a high output HHO production but
    only the 48 volt systems offers our high volt, high output special DC generator with built in pulse
    modulation. This generator is bolted on, as an add-on to your engine and is a stand alone source of
    the high voltage & high output. This system is completely isolated from any electrical system in your
    vehicle. The only wire that connects to your battery is a 12v lead to operate a relay that turns your
    system on/off.

         Below is more information about our Hybrid Conversion system and how it works.
The ONLY noticeable difference
between the 12V & 48V system...
is the 48V has the 48V generator,
shown in picture above, & the 12V
does not have it.